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In Nov 1979 we started our family business as St Andrews Tune Center located where we are now. Later in 1983 we changed the name to        reflect our family name. Over the years we have had four generations of Holmes' working to maintain and repair your automobile. Our mission is to perform the highest level of quality and ethical auto repairs while maintaining excellent customer service. We strive to be a leader in the auto repair industry through commitment, integrity, and continuous improvement . Come in to talk to a trained technician about your vehicle. Too busy to see us but want to get to know about your vehicle and better maintain it download the "mycar fax” app or continue to visit us on Facebook for the latest news on the automotive industry. 


Holmes and Sons Ent

Holmes and Sons Policies


Air Conditioning/ Warranty

All air conditioning work must return within 14 days of completion for inspection. Failure to return within 14 days voids all Air conditioning warranty. There is a 90 day parts and labor warranty on air conditioning work. Further parts warranty may be applied according to the manufacturers warranty, which will vary according to manufacture parts and procedures. All air conditioning work is done according to MOPIA guidelines, no exceptions. Warranty work will only be provided at Holmes and Sons.

Warranty policies

All parts are new unless otherwise indicated. Not all parts carry the same warranty or price. We seek the best parts for the repair in aftermarket or OEM, for longevity and warranty. At the time of estimate we will review your options. Alignments and shop supplies are excluded from warranty. Warranty work will only be provided at Holmes and Sons.

Customer supplied parts

We will only install parts from a recognized manufacturer. When the customer supplies their own parts they will be responsible for any loss of time or additional labor due to incorrect parts. The labor rate is $ 140.per/hr when you supply your own parts. We will not install brake friction materials sourced from the United States or China. We reserve the right to decline installing a customer's parts at anytime


Wheel Torques

If at anytime a wheel has been removed the following policy applies to its fastening.

1. First torque in shop done by impact with a torque stick according to OEM specifications

2. Second torque in shop done by hand to OEM specifications

3. The customer is required to ensure a third torque is done to OEM specifications within 100 kilometers. This can be done by returning to Holmes and Sons, no appointments is required nor is there a charge. Additionally customer can do the third torque by themselves with a torque wrench, just ask for the spec during billing.


 Shop Supplies

All needed cleaners, degreasers, misc. clips, bolts, fasteners, connectors, lubricants, heat shrink, propane, solder, environmental chargers for purchase, collection and disposal of goods, soaps, cleaning products, window products and minor battery charging. Additional charges may apply if specialty tools or parts are required.


 Locking lug nut keys

Will be returned to the glove compartment or customers predetermined area, upon job completion.

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